Holy Cross High School marks its 120th year by entering into a new era in international education. The school plans to start an international section and will seek affiliation to the Indian Council of Secondary Education, ICSE with the next academic year. We wish to continue our legacy of quality Catholic education through introduction of an International curriculum which will offer the best learning opportunities for our boys and girls . Presently , we are opening admission for Grade 1 upto 6 only and each year will see the natural growth of these Grades. The school is aware of the trends in international curriculum and we intend to give our students at the new international section, nothing but the best! We believe that the important elements of education in the 21st century of developing character, leadership qualities, problem solving sills, empathy and communication will be able to lay the foundation for life. The School offers well trained educators in international curriculum who will also expose the students to the state of the art facilities in various disciplines in sports, music, robotics, coding and maker space. The Catholic ethos of learning responsibly through activity- based approach and collective and group learning has always been the hallmark of Catholic education. The school will also provide opportunities for engaging with the community through community service, field trips, excursions, exchange programs and educational visits as part of the curriculum offered at Holy Cross International.

ICSE | Co-ed

Online admissions details for Academic year

Documents required to be submitted electronically (jpeg or pdf files of size less than 1Mb each)

  • donePhotograph of the student applicant
  • doneID proof for father/mother/guardian
  • doneMunicipal Birth Certificate
  • doneResidence proof

Details of the process and how to fill the form are available at this link: http://intelliadmissions.org/process. You can also go to the application form by clicking on the Apply Now link

Applications forms can be filled at any time, however the school link will only open and close at the specified time in this announcement.

Selection Process:

The School will contact the applicants for a document review meeting via SMS. Please do not contact the school until then.

  • donePlease do not disturb the school authorities during the entire application process.
  • doneThere are very few seats available, so your cooperation will be appreciated.
  • doneYou will be informed of the status of your application via SMS on the mobile numbers submitted online as part of the application.
  • doneRetain the SMS/Email with your form nos and only print them when the school calls you for a meeting.

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