Loreto Convent School, R. C. F. Chembur
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The Loreto Convent School in Mumbai was managed by the Loreto Sisters for thirty years. When they decided to give it up, the Sisters of St. Joseph responded positively to take up this school. The Loreto Sisters who managed the school for the RCF employee's children (also local Catholic Community, and to extent possible, members of all other Communities) introduced the Sisters of St. Joseph to RCF Management. The RCF had first signed a ten year contract with the congregation of St. Joseph and in June 2000 the Sisters of St. Joseph at the request of the RCF and with the invitation of the Archbishop of Mumbai, Cardinal Ivan Dias, took over the management of the school at Chembur. The Sisters have done a great job in upgrading the school and have introduced many other activities for the children. The Sisters are fully involved in the pastoral ministry of the parish too. Starting from academic year 2010-11, the Kinder Garten has been renamed to "St. Joseph of the Apparition".

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St. Joseph of the Apparition KG
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St. Joseph of the Apparition KG
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R. C. F. Chembur,
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Board : Maharashtra S.S.C. Board

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