Process for School Admissions Online

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  1. Please read the instructions on the school website before beginning the application process.
  2. Each school has its own start/end date for submission of applications and eligibility criteria.
  3. You need to begin the process by REGISTERing. Enter your username desired and mobile number for registration. You will receive a SMS with your login details.
  4. Use the details in the SMS to login on this page.
  5. If you need technical help at any stage, please email
  1. Select the STATE in which you are wanting to apply along with the cities. You can select MORE THAN ONE city.
  2. Make sure to click on ADD button (in blue) to add all the cities to the list.
  3. Select the alternate language for HELP TEXT which you will see throughout the application. Help is currently available in Hindi, Marathi, Gujarati, Kannada, Tamil, Telugu and Punjabi.
  1. The first page is the applicant information. Fill in the name of the child AS IT APPEARS ON THE MUNICIPAL BIRTH CERTIFICATE.
  2. Also select the CLASS to which you are seeking admission for the applicant.

  1. Select the permanent address for the applicant. This needs to be a local address in India. Once you select COUNTRY and PIN CODE, the other details will be automatically populated.
  2. Please wait for State, City, and area information to appear before completing the rest of the address.
  3. If your current address is same as permanent address, kindly select that option. You will not be required to re-enter the details.

  1. Kindly select other details applicable for the applicant.
  2. Depending on the options selected, you will need to upload the relevant documents.
  3. Caste certificate in the names of the parents is accepted if one is not available for the student/applicant.
  4. Click on SAVE and proceed to save the details of the applicant and move to the next page.
  1. Please fill in all the details for the Father/Guardian of the applicant on this page.

  1. Select the father”s educational qualifications and professional/employment details in this section.

  1. Kindly include the contact information for ther father and supporting documentary requirements.
  2. Click on SAVE and PROCEED to move to the next page.
  1. Kindly enter the personal details of the Mother / Guardian of the applicant.

  1. Provide details on the mother’s educational and professional/employment details.
  2. Kindly note that if the mother has no income, then select the range of Rs.0 – Rs.120,000 per annum.

  1. Include the contact information for the mother and upload documents required.
  2. You may use the same address proof for the mother/guardian as for the father/guardian.
  3. Click on SAVE and PROCEED to move to the next page.
  1. This page requires details of only the SCHOOL GOING BROTHER/S & SISTER/S of the applicant.
  2. Do NOT ENTER information for cousin brother/s and cousin sister/s or of other members living in a joint family.
  3. After filing in the details click on SAVE and PROCEED to move to the next page.
  1. You will now see a list of all the schools to which the applicant is eligible to apply and teh start and end dates for the respective schools.
  2. You will also need to ACCEPT THE TERMS AND CONDITIONS on the Declaration page before you can apply to the school.
  3. You may also change the city in which you want to select schools from this page.
  4. When you see the school you want to apply to, click on the APPLY BUTTON.

  1. You are now provided details for the school selected.
  2. Kindly move the RED PIN to the location of your residence. You will need to map your home exactly in Google Maps. You can ZOOM IN or ZOOM OUT by clicking on the + and – buttons.
  3. Do not try and drag the orange figure of the man on the right corner.
  4. You will also need to ACCEPT THE TERMS AND CONDITIONS on the Declaration page before you can apply to the school.

  1. After you submit the application, you will receive a SMS with the application form number confirmation. If you provided your email address, you will also receive the form via email.
  3. You DO NOT need to submit the form to the school until you are notified to do so via SMS or via a notice on the school website.
  1. After login you can see the applicant dashboard