Your child deserves the best education,and Intelliadmissions is designed to help you make the best choice


Intelliadmissions is the Online School Admissions Portal which is easily accessible. The Common Admission platform enables parents to login to one portal and apply to multiple schools of their choice available for your kids . It caters to all grades from Nursery to Standard IX, and its automated dashboard and online services make it very easy for schools to process applications.

A happy family after applying to online admissions portal

How do I decide the best school for my child?

Choosing a school for your child is dependent on many factors such as the Board ( State, National and International ), location, fees, reputation etc. Some parents chose the school if they have been alumnus of the school or siblings are in the same school. It is always best to gather information about the school from friends and family. A visit to the school’s page on our website will provide a brief summary and for more details links are provided to the school platform.

Why should I choose the Intelliadmissions platform?

Almost all the schools listed on our platform receive applications through the online process only. It saves a parent time and energy and helps them to apply to multiple schools from the ease and comfort of their home.

Advantages and Features

  1. Intelliadmissions is the online school admissions Portal which is accessible 24 X 7 for schools and designed to reduce the school workload by 80%.
  2. For schools, it is easy to sign up on the platform and all the information is stored digitally to ease processing and can be accessed easily in the DVD handed over by us to the school.
  3. This admissions process eliminates the use of all paper based forms and makes admissions a Low cost, efficient and eco-friendly solution.
  4. Intelliadmissions allows schools to set up criteria, download forms and track applications online.
  5. Shortlisted parents are notified via SMS about the date and time of the meeting.
  6. The list of Form Nos. and time for meeting is also posted on the school and Parents are notified via SMS for selection, fee payments and final closure.