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Over 40 schools and a college used our admissions platform in 2016 with over 25,000 applications processed. Parents can fill the form in less than 30 minutes and the preliminary shortlisting can be done in less than 2 hours.


Using mobile no as unique identifier, SMS for password communication and helpful tips, we have simplified the process for online applications. Process is also explained in multiple languages along with screen shots

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Enrolment in our school admission platform is easy and requires very little effort from the school. Details required are open and closed dates, grades for admissions etc. Contact us Now


Online admissions systems provide significant savings in terms of costs, time and efficiency

  • Single application, multiple schools
  • Access anytime, anywhere
  • On submissions confirmation via SMS
  • Easier communication with schools
  • Online portal accessible 24 X 7
  • Accurate¬†data entry and submission
  • Digital data eases processing
  • Dashboards for decision making
  • Online portal accessible 24 X 7
  • Digital data enables smoother processing
  • Better decision making